. curiosity killed the cat, you know.
-march 16th 1993

(via kissedby-suicide)

And then he saw her scars
Show me the blades
He said
She cried
But handed them over
He slashed and slashed
But it was his own arm
She cried
Why are you doing this?
She screamed
He answered in tears
Because this is what you’re
Doing to me.

thehightechredneck (via thehightechredneck)

I replace my lungs with smoke…

My blood with Whiskey…

All in the hopes that you’ll one day miss me…

But if my blade is sharp, and my bullet is true…

By the time you miss me, I won’t be here to miss you…

(via yoursunshineandmoonlight)

I wanted to cry to let the pain out but I guess I cried too much because now I feel empty.
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